Tuesday, 13 November 2012

'The Hundred Year Old Man Who Jumped Out Of A Window And Disappeared' - Jonas Jonasson

'The hundred year old man who climbed out of a window and disappeared' is a thoroughly enjoyable book! A very light read, very dry humour, utterly unbelievable plot, but fun all the same!

As the long title implies, it is the story of Allan, who climbs out of the window of his nursing home on his 100th birthday, and goes on an adventure. The plot divides itself into Allan's history and the present day. Allan's history takes us through all the major events of the 20th century, and features comical scenarios and situations with all the major political figures!

I particularly enjoyed the history parts of this book, and hearing Allan's very relaxed, unfazed take on the major events of the 20th century. Not really a favourite-book-ever type of read but I would recommend it as a light-hearted, easy-to-read holiday book.


  1. I too found this a very light, funny enjoyable read. Totally farfetched at times but nevertheless the escapism works.

  2. I totally agree! I don't think you're meant to take it too seriously, it's a very funny and light-hearted portrayel of history, not a realistic one!