Friday, 9 November 2012

Death Comes To Pemberley - P D James

I was so excited when I came across this book. I love Jane Austen, particularly pride and prejudice, and really enjoy a good murder mysetery novel, so you can imagine that I thought this was the perfect combination, and I couldn't wait to read it. How disappointing it was. The plot was so boring, I was expecting an agatha christie-type murder with all my favourite characters from pride and prejudice under suspicion/ trying to work out who did it. The book was nothing like that, it mainly consisted of a trial which bored me to tears, and like another reviewer here, I considered giving up on it.

The characters were boring, one-dimensional, and many of the ones I couldnt wait to read about didn't even feature in the novel (mrs bennett, lady catherine, mr collins, kitty were only referred to via letters) and the ones that were in it really disappointed (Bingley, Elizabeth, Georgiana, Mr Bennett, Darcy all were flat and lacked any insight into their personalities). All in all, I am surprised at how bored I was reading this book, as I do love all the characters in it and I was excited to find out what had happened next. My advice to anyone considering buying it is to not bother- it's not offensive in that Bingley's gone horrible or anything like that, it's just very bland.

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